Global Warming

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    The temperature of the earth is rising rapidly. It has been estimated that this rise has been about twice the rate it was about 50 years ago. Scientists believe that the main reason behind this sudden rise is the effect of greenhouse gases emitted by various human activities. There are several greenhouse gases emitted by humans in a variety of ways and it is these greenhouse gases that are responsible for climate change. The gas that is responsible the most for global warming is carbon dioxide. The other gases responsible for this phenomenon include methane and nitrous oxide. These gases vary from each other in their heat trapping abilities and nitrous oxide is said to be the most powerful heat trapping gas. Even chlorofluorocarbons released from air conditioners and refrigerators have a much greater heat trapping potential than carbon dioxide. 
  • Global Warming Causes and Effects
  • Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Anthropogenic Causes of Global Warming
  • Hazards of Global Warming
  • Global dimming

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